Irrigation System Spring Start-Up

irrigation sprinkler head Spring start-up and inspection services typically are performed in April and May. Making It Rain, LLC will not only get your irrigation up and running, but also perform the following procedures to ensure your system is running efficiently and meets the watering standards regulated by your municipality:

~ Reattach the backflow prevention device and slowly pressurize the system to avoid pipe damage from water surge.

~ Visually inspect the backflow connections and re-seal any leaks related to loose fittings.

~ Pressure test the mainline pipe to detect leaks. If any leaks are found in the mainline, we will turn the water back off at its source until the repairs can be scheduled and completed. Detected leaks will then be marked with a flag. A repair estimate will be provided for your review and approval.

~ Inspect each zone for leaks and proper function. If leaks are found within a single zone, we will program your controller for zero runtime of that zone. Detected leaks will be flagged and a repair estimate will be provided.

~ Check for damaged sprinkler heads and nozzles. We will replace up to five (5) damaged spray nozzles at no charge (**applies to service contract customers only). All damaged sprinkler heads will be marked with a flag and a repair estimate will be provided for your review and approval. The zones for the damaged sprinkler heads will be turned off until repairs can be scheduled and completed.

~ Remove any dirt and debris from sprinkler spray nozzles to ensure proper sprinkler coverage. Turfgrass roots grow into the sprinkler heads over the winter months and can clog the nozzles. We will unclog all nozzles and test / adjust spray pattern of each head.

~ Check and adjust sprinkler coverage to ensure excessive water is not being wasted on pavement or other impervious surfaces.

~ Straighten up to three (3) crooked sprinklers. Once an irrigation system has been installed, the ground will settle and shift. Over time, this causes the sprinkler heads to sink and/or lean. If the sprinkler head is not properly oriented, it is unable to cover the area intended for irrigation. If you have more than three (3) sprinklers needing correction, an estimate will be provided for your review.

~ Check and test rain sensor device. The rain sensor is one of the biggest ways to save on water usage and cost. We check for proper placement of the device, test its functionality, and set device to suspend irrigation when 1/4" of rain has been detected.

~Create watering schedule and program your controller. Creating a watering schedule for each zone ensures proper irrigation and minimize excessive watering and/or run off. Setting the proper zone times is one of many ways Making It Rain, LLC helps you save water and therefore money. We will assess each zone's requirements and set up a watering schedule that promotes plant health and limits waste. We will program the appropriate times for the spring growing season. We will note the suggested peak run times on the service form left at the property so you can adjust times as the temperatures increase.

~ Ensure your controller is programmed for the appropriate watering days as dictated by your municipality.